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This book once began as a small blog, which aimed to present the findings of new, but also proven psychological books and guidebooks briefly and concisely in their practical usefulness. It shows how a diametrically different life can be led through certain conscious decisions and specific changes in thinking and behavior. Psychology allows a certain level of self-knowledge, without which, in fact, everything is nothing. 

We live mechanically, trapped in unhealthy patterns of behavior, not knowing what is happening to us. The book is aimed at all those who are stuck in unhappy relationships, or are not progressing in their personal development, or always fail at the same point, or simply want to live their relationships better, for which self-knowledge is the tool of choice.  The author is a trained coach and psychological counselor, and with this book she wants to offer help for self-help, but also present exciting findings of psychology and share her reflections.

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Radical Practice 
Peace of Mind

We think we know a lot about ourselves, but unfortunately, we often have unfounded opinions about how we and others are.

At the same time, we have no idea how our own brain works and what it is doing to us at the moment, and what fundamental demands this places on us. We consider our thoughts to be true and correct, yet they are so often miserable and simply wrong, and yet they determine our lives.

In "Radical Practice Peace of Mind" you will find the latest research results, further considerations, as well as practical instructions on how to lead a fulfilling life.